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Welcome to Feed The Elderly Foundation

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Hunger OR Hope?

Feed The Elderly Foundation is a national hunger relief organization with broad intention to provide foods, cloths and drugs to as many poor, elderly people as possible. FTEF will efficiently serve the elderly people by using 95% of donated revenue and resources to directly feed hungry people. In 2010, FTEF projects to feed more than 75,000 hungry people nationwide using other NGOs, Mosques, Churches and Schools to directly reach target beneficiaries.

As a supporter of FTEF’s mission to end hunger among the poor elderly men and women, you are a part of the network that is working together to ensure that hungry families and elderly people do not have to go without a meal. Your support and help will allow an elder(s) to get the proper nutrition to meet the challenges of daily living.

FTEF is accountable before God and man. FTEF will be faithful stewards in effectively using the gifts we receive to provide the most help to impoverished people and communities. We will continue to work diligently to maintain integrity and transparency in our operations and practices. More than 95 percent of total income, including foodstuffs, cloths and drugs will directly go to elder-beneficiaries.

The FTEF Food Bank

The FTEF Food Bank is an emergency unit of the foundation that provides immediate help to people whose cases require very urgent attention while their file is being evaluated for benefit determination. The Food Bank runs in each of the FTE Center and is a walk-in facility for severely hungry elder-citizens who require extremely urgent attention. At the FTE Food Bank, a case worker will attend to the applicant upon entry and immediately make a recommendation to the Food Bank Manager who will take a final decision on the application. FTE Food banks are setup to receive about 80% of their resources from the immediate communities while relying on the Foundation for the 20% requirement. The FTE Food Bank also arrange the distribution and issuance of donated drugs and cloths to elder-beneficiaries on weekly basis.

Senior citizens and families with children comprise the majority of the clients that are served by the FTE Food Bank. You can support the FTE Food Bank initiative through donations of time, money or food. Contributions are used efficiently and wisely.

Our Way of Curing Hunger – Food Voucher

By adopting the Food Voucher System, FTEF has chosen to deploy a new tool to address hunger in rural and urban areas where food maybe available, but beyond the reach of many elders because of the impact of high food prices. It is our core belief that it makes more sense to give people vouchers than bags of foodstuffs which makes them look more beggarly. By using vouchers, FTEF protects the dignity of our elder- beneficiaries who are able to take independent decisions as to what type of food or drugs is necessary for them. Giving the beneficiaries the ability to decide what to eat, what to buy, when to buy, where to buy effectively ensures that we are able to preserve and protect their dignity even as we hand out this unique assistance to them on month-to-month basis.

Under the FTEF programme, a pre-qualified elder will be given voucher booklets with value ranging between 2,500 and 5,000 Naira (US$40) depending on each person’s circumstances. These vouchers can be use in shops that have signed a retail contract with FTEF. In exchange for the voucher, people will receive maize, rice, beans, Garri, Elubo, Semovita, cooking oil – palm & groundnut, sugar, salt, fish, meat and eggs according to the value of voucher presented. FTEF Vouchers are Cash alternatives and are expected to be so treated by both the elder-beneficiaries and the retailer. Each beneficiary-elder may receive up to ten (10) vouchers per month for twelve months before a renewal interview is held to ascertain beneficiary status. The retailer is able to redeem food vouchers through an arrangement with the six national banks that currently works with FTEF.

Distributing vouchers instead of food can be a more effective way of alleviating hunger in urban environments where markets are strong, because it cuts down on the cost to FTEF of transporting and storing food assistance and helps to inject money into the local economy.

Eligible Food Items

Households CAN use FTEF Vouchers (benefits) to buy: Foods for the household to eat, such as:

  • breads and cereals;
  • fruits and vegetables;
  • meats, fish and poultry; and
  • dairy products.

Seeds and plants which produce food for the household to eat. In some areas, restaurants can be authorized to accept SNAP benefits from qualified homeless, elderly, or disabled people in exchange for low-cost meals. Households (Elderly beneficiaries) CANNOT use FTEF Vouchers to buy:

Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes or tobacco;
Any nonfood items, such as:

  • pet foods;
  • soaps, paper products; and
  • household supplies.

Vitamins and non-curative drugs
Food that will be eaten in the store.
Hot foods.


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We are proud to feed the elderly, do you?
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